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We provide comprehensive Fintech & Retail Management solutions to businesses in Southeast Asia, such as proprietary CRM and POS systems, alternative funding, fintech-enabled procurement system, and integrated payment gateway.


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The ever-changing business landscape presents complex and multifaceted challenges for companies in 2023 and beyond. Rapidly changing market dynamics, technological disruptions, and talent shortages create a difficult environment to navigate. These challenges, coupled with uncertain funding situations , often force companies to cut back on investments and transformative initiatives, putting them at a disadvantage against their competitors

Staying competitive requires agility, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace change while investing in innovative technologies and strategies.

At Incite Innovations (“Incite”), we believe that businesses of all sizes have the potential to grow and achieve greater success. We offer a full suite of services and solutions that enable companies to increase their business prowess and profits, particularly those in the retail and F&B sectors. Our expertise lies in synthesizing new technologies, best practices, and market intelligence to design people-centered solutions across four verticals that meet the shifting demands in an increasingly complex business environment.

Designed to help businesses optimize operational efficiency and drive business growth, our three verticals are Finance Technology, Retail Technology, and Lifestyle Ventures.

The Incite Formula


Finance Technology
Finance Technology
Fundraising Working Capital Financing Supply Chain Financing
Retail Technology
Finance Technology
Procurement System

Cloud CRM System
Supply Chain Management

E-Commerce Solutions
Customers Experience System
Lifestyle Ventures
Finance Technology
Food & Beverage Consultation Licensing Partnership Labels and Certifications


Finance Technology

We leverage real-time transactional data from our other verticals to offer alternative funding or financing solutions to clients and underserved businesses, enabling them to sustain and expand their business

Retail Technology

Utilizing our digital application solutions to streamline business processes and make data-driven decisions supported by deep insights, in conjunction with our go-to-market martech solutions, we empower clients to achieve a competitive edge and operational efficiency in the fast-paced business environment.

Lifestyle Ventures

Our expertise in consumer behaviour and digital technology allows us to create and distribute innovative products through our very own brands

When working with clients, we adopt the INCITE approach:


Identify the 'real' needs through consulting in order to create unique, personalised solutions that are truly tailored to your business and budget


New strategies are proposed, packed with industry insights to unlock your true potential


Competitive advantages outlined to position you one level above your competitors


Intelligent new ways activated to embrace change and grow across your business to create lasting value


Thorough follow ups and necessary improvements are done at speed and scale


Evaluate the executions and success before Chapter 2.0 goes live

Food & Beverages
Food & Beverages
public service Public Service
automotive Automotive
Retail Retail
Communications Communications
Electronics Electronics
Insurance Insurance
Healthcare Healthcare
Life Sciences Life Sciences
Consumer Goods & Services Consumer Goods & Services
Infrastructure & Transportation Services Infrastructure & Transportation Services
Media & Entertainment Media & Entertainment
Air, Freight & Travel Services Air, Freight & Travel Services
Capital Markets Capital Markets
Industrial Equipment Industrial Equipment



*The non-exhaustive list below represents only a sample of our esteemed clientele who trust us to deliver exceptional services and solutions tailored to their unique business needs



To empower all businesses to accelerate growth through innovative and intuitive technology solutions and business strategies rooted in our unique Asian heritage


To build a world-leading ecosystem that revolutionises businesses while fostering economic growth and positive societal impact


We consistently pursue growth opportunities for our internal and external stakeholders. We aim to build our people up to advance their career and deliver a positive experience to our customers


strive to create and pioneer new and dynamic ideas to enhance our merchants' value proposition and strengthen our ecosystem, benefitting the company and its network


We build open and honest relationships with our stakeholders and grow effectively in an environment of trust


We embrace and adapt quickly to market changes. The trust we build with each other enables us to be agile in navigating uncertain environments


We inculcate a culture of continuous learning and humility within the company and its network, and believe that we can only be World Changers if we love creating great solutions for our communities



At the helm of Incite Innovations are visionary entrepreneurs, business owners, and specialists in their respective fields. Our leaders bring decades of expertise and experience in serving both local and international markets, as well as an expansive global network to grow and expand our clients' businesses.

Incite innovators
Tham Lih Chung  
                        Founder x Group CEO
Tham Lih Chung • Founder x Group CEO

Tham is a renowned entrepreneur and investor with a strong track record of success in retail, f intech, and F&B industries. He founded several successful ventures including Union Chain Holdings and Rhombus Connexion – his leadership is pivotal to driving growth for these ventures and creating new business models for the next generation. His expertise further extends to corporate finance and investment banking, making him an invaluable asset to the Incite team.

Kelvin Leow  
                        Chief Technology Officer
Kelvin Leow • Chief Technology Officer

With over 15 years of software industry experience, Kelvin is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who specialises in software development, project management, and technology consulting. He co-founded Claritas Consulting and Nuren Group, leveraging his knowledge in customer relationship management, call center solutions, new media and digital marketing strategy, and e-commerce to drive success.

Raymond Chan  
                        CEO, Retail Technology
Raymond Chan • CEO, Retail Technology

Raymond is adept at UI/UX design and mobile app development - he co-founded and managed Hotdock Interactive (SG), a pioneering mobile app development firm in Southeast Asia. His abilities to craft seamless customer engagement experiences for clients and businesses also led him to create the IF mobile app, an initiative to better connect businesses and consumers.

Jeff Ch'ng  
                        CEO, Enterprise Solutions
Jeff Ch'ng • CEO, Enterprise Solutions

Jeff is an expert in delivering innovative ICT solutions and building strategic partnerships for over 20 years. He has held various leadership roles, including Regional Head of NEC Corporation for Asia and the Middle East. Jeff is also the Managing Director of ITOA Integration and co-founder of Claritas Consulting, positioning him as a versatile leader in the retail technology space.

Gary Chin  
                        CEO, Redemption Partnership
Gary Chin • CEO, Redemption Partnership

Gary excels in customising, managing and executing retail market promotions across multiple countries. As the former Head of South Asia Regional Operations of The Continuity Company, he led teams to achieve exceptional results in increasing brand awareness, customer engagement, and revenue growth. As co founder of MyCookingStory, he played a central role in establishing one of Malaysia's leading professional kitchenware marketplaces.

Eugene Chew  
                        Chief Operating Officer (F&B)
Eugene Chew • Chief Operating Officer (F&B)

Eugene has a wealth of experience managing, leading and overseeing some of Malaysia’s largest restaurant chains, including Sushi King and Secret Recipe across multiple Southeast Asian countries. His proficiency in risk and operations management as well as people-centric values remains instrumental in creating a culture of growth and development across Incite and its subsidiaries.


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